Money if you Die

What was required?

Money if you Die needed a fresh design across all online media platforms, including their website, social media and Ad campaigns. With no heavy restrictions, it was up to Mack Creative to really express their selves and form a clean, functional design. The goal, to build the face for an effective, online platform, for the major insurance companies in the industry.

What we did.

Branding / Website

We designed Money if you Die from scratch, starting with the logo. We invested a lot of thought prior to beginning the design, knowing it was a sensitive industry. Incorporating leaves into the design gave the vision that with Money if you Die, your family can begin to regrow if they suffer a loss. We then fused the logo into a modern looking site. As a test platform, they needed a strong Facebook Ad display campaign, we provided numerous designs which were then tested on Facebook.

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Money if you Die Website Money if you Die Website